Market entry

2 - Market entry

Entry Strategy

India’s status as an emerging power has guaranteed it a place on the growth strategy of most global corporations.

Indus Principals work with global clients to develop an appropriate strategy for the Indian market by using our extensive knowledge of the country.

Industry Structure and Landscape

We provide an in-depth analysis of the targeted industry segment and the capabilities required to serve them.

Industry landscaping includes a detailed study of the industry structure (current market size, potential market size, and demand supply dynamics), study of the end-user application segments, competitors (current and potential, market share) marketing and promotion strategies, emerging market trends etc.

Partner Selection Strategy

The search for growth and the need to complement capabilities often results in organisations seeking to work with partners around the world. Partner selection in such a strategy can often make the difference between success & failure.

Indus’s deep knowledge of the Indian business landscape enables it to assist its clients in considerably reducing the risk in the selection process by insightful screening & fit assessment.

Indus’s experience enables it to clearly establish the drivers, objectives and outcomes of a robust partnering strategy. Indus researches the market for interested partners and seeks expressions of interest for the short listing process, based on clearly defined selection criteria.

Strategic and Commercial Due Diligence

We conduct this service for Private Equity / M&A Firms and for Clients considering strategic partnerships, acquisitions, mergers, or investments as an avenue to growth.

We help clients validate the investment hypothesis by clearly articulating the opportunity, expected returns and build an independent and objective view of the proposed investment. This is often supported by a valuation exercise.

Our goal is to help understand how one can really create value through the proposed investment and minimise the risk of failure.