Corporate Strategy & execution

1- Corporate strategy & execution

Dramatically improve your performance

Our wide experience across multiple industries indicates that there is always a gap between strategy design and implementation. This gap routinely destroys enterprise value in organisations that are not alert to it. To overcome this gap, we coach our clients to manage strategy, empowering them to carry out their strategies more effectively all the time.

Our strategy consulting practice builds on the thought-leadership legacy of Drs Robert Kaplan and David Norton, creators of the Balanced Scorecard. What sets us apart is our extensive knowledge that goes far beyond implementing a strategy management system.

We help our clients to embrace change management, leadership, governance and innovation for effective strategy execution.

Consistently outperform your peers with a formal strategy management process
The best corporate strategies founder on bad execution. That is why we focus on client strategy management as a key plank to create value. Strategy execution requires change management – done effectively, this can create a measurable impact.

We lead organisations through the process of building a strategy management system.

An effective strategy management system:
1. Ensures that all employees understand their role in achieving organisational strategy & act decisively to add value
2. Focuses attention on the few critical areas that are most vital for achieving your strategy, enabling targeting of limited resources for optimal impact.
3. Clearly communicates what is needed to close the gap between where your organisation is and where you want to be – and breaks that gap into meaningful & manageable parts.

We lead organisations through the process of building a strategy management system.

Your strategy should be both meaningful & actionable.

The most successful strategies are those that are truly meaningful to the people carrying them out. A strategy has to be firmly rooted in your mission and values to unite employees under a common goal. At the same time, it needs to have a robust relationship with reality, and be created with execution in mind. It must be broken down into actionable parts. If not, it is only wishful thinking.

We work with you to develop a rich, detailed strategy that will win over hearts and minds, while also laying out a clear path for delivery. Through techniques like scenario planning and war gaming, we help you understand how stakeholders will respond to potential actions and where to focus resources.

Leadership & Changes
Strong leadership & change management is vital in order to prevent both absolute & relative decline.

All leaders have unique challenges that they need to overcome to successfully deliver their organisation’s strategy. Our tailored approach to leadership and change focuses on the specific factors that help your organisation succeed.

We work closely with clients, including individual & team coaching at multiple levels. This lets us identify leadership constraints and to facilitate a smoother, more effective execution of strategy.

Be bold & innovative to achieve a new level of impact.

Is structured innovation part of your strategy to deliver value to customers in a new way?

We help clients uncover opportunities through business model innovation and transforming the customer experience. Immerse a wide range of stakeholders in your process to ultimately deliver a compelling, differentiated value proposition – while reducing cost and risk.

From initiative to results
Change doesn’t simply happen when an initiative is completed. We guide you through the parts of initiative management that are often ignored: intent management, risk and change management, communications, adoption, training, and knowledge transfer.

By approaching strategic initiatives with a full understanding of their link to strategy and a focus on the desired result – not the go-live date – you are far more likely to succeed.
We work with your initiative teams to implement new business processes and systems, and embed them throughout your organisation.

Our expertise includes these initiative areas:

  • Financial transformation
  • Human capital performance & HR process redesign
  • Enterprise resource management (ERP) systems
  • Business intelligence

Risk & Governance
An effective risk management strategy enhances stakeholder value. It’s vital to consider risk when developing strategies, so you can anticipate, manage and mitigate potential strategic risks.
We work with clients to develop practical, tailored, and integrated approaches to governance and risk management, explicitly linked to strategy execution.

Balance Scorecard for executing strategy
Indus partners in their corporate & consulting careers have successfully executed strategy by using the Balance Scorecard as a key component of the process. This scorecard based strategy management approach to execute that strategy has delivered effective results – thereby realising positive impact for stakeholders, customers and employees.