Capital Advisory services

4- Capital advisory

How we work – a typical fundraising assignment

1. Investment case and information memorandum
First, we evaluate the company’s business plan and assist in preparing a detailed investment case. We produce a high quality information memorandum for marketing the transaction to target investors, in order to facilitate a good understanding of the investment merits. The quality of this information package is often essential for creating a strong momentum for the transaction.

2. Analysis of capital structure and valuation
We advise on capital structures to ensure efficient cost of capital and risk management. Our standard valuation analysis includes a discounted cash flow analysis, trading multiples of publicly listed comparable companies and data on comparable transactions. Our analysis will facilitate negotiation for better terms for the financing.

3. Data room
We create a data room to enable a larger number of prospective buyers and investors to conduct their due diligence on an efficient timetable. The use of a virtual data room would enhance this step.

4. Investor targeting and marketing
Once the above preparatory work is completed, we develop a thoughtful and high quality list of target buyers and investors. Our partnership with Morgan Stanley gives us access to a global network of companies and investors.

5. Investor due diligence
We manage the due diligence process to ensure that investors receive their required information without burdening the client with unreasonable or unnecessary requests. We can assist in coordinating with our client’s other professional advisors in order to ensure smooth execution of the transaction.

6. Negotiations
We lead or assist in the negotiations between our client and prospective buyers and investors, and advise on negotiating strategies and transaction structure, and on the commercial aspects within legal documentation.