Indus is an independent boutique advisory platform that provides advisory services and solutions in today’s rapidly changing global markets across a range of industries. Our clients include business owners, private investors, and private and public companies in Asia, Europe and the USA.

We straddle the business axis between two of the world’s largest democracies – the United States and India – with one being the globe’s economic lynchpin and the other one of its fastest growing economies. We specialize in enhancing businesses by not just applying standard practices but inventing new solutions to overcome current business challenges.

Indus Partners have individually and collaboratively completed several assignments across the globe during the last decade.

Several factors differentiate us:

  • Team with decades of experience and track record of successful project delivery.
  • Strong track record of success in conceptualizing, financing and implementing large projects.
  • Our mission is to immerse ourselves in our client’s objectives and assist them in navigating through their professional and personal challenges in achieving them.
  • Commitment to serving the best interests of our clients.
  • Integrity and quality of international standards.